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Blended Math & English by METAMINDZ - Online Enhanced Learning Programme

BLENDED MATH or ENGLISH - Enabled by IReady, an adaptive technology that would track students progress and guide accordingly

METAMINDZ is offering cutting edge Math and English learning programs using I Ready, an adaptive technology capable of measuring and tracking the progress of each child.

Reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary building will be an integral part of the program.

Program will be delivered by the instructor’s face to face and they will be assisted by a technology that is adaptive and driven by artificial intelligence. Students can participate in either math or English or both the programs online.


AgeTimeDatesCost inc VAT
Sunday - Thursday6-163:00 - 7:00 PM ( 1 hour/1 session a week)Mar 14thAED 850.00
Saturday6-162:00 - 3:00 PM (1 hour/1 session a week)Mar 20thAED 850.00