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Hindusthani Vocal by Jazz Rockers - Online Performance & Creative Arts

Hindustani classical music is the art music of the northern region of the Indian Subcontinent. The performance is set to a melodic pattern called a raga. Mostly patronized in India’s northern states, Hindustani vocal music is one of the popular categories of Indian classical music and in recent years it has drawn international audiences around the world. It is a relatively modern genre, evolving from India’s ancient musical tradition.  A good singer is practically made up of a careful and creative mixture of ideas and techniques, not necessarily a sweet voice like what a lot of folks think. We teach people Classical singing, harnessing their talent and passion, and putting it on a grand scale.




  • Passion to learn music and dedication to practice & perform
  • Notebook and pen
  • Laptop with high-quality Webcam and Mic & Zoom Meeting Client


AgeTimeDatesCost inc VAT
Sunday & Tuesday - Level 15:45 - 6:45 PMJan 17th 19th 24th 26th 31st   Feb 2nd 7th 9th 14th 16th 21st 23rd 28th   Mar 2nd 7th 9th 14th 16thAED 625.00