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Mandarin Langauge by Think First - Language and Culture Courses


With more than a billion speakers around the world, the Mandarin language is the most widely spoken language on Earth. China’s economic influence in the international arena and with an increasingly globalized world impacting on every walk of life which is visible increasingly boldly, strengthening education in the Chinese language and increasing awareness of Chinese culture will benefit the communities in Dubai and beyond.

Learning Mandarin is a great way to take advantage of exploring oriental cultural awareness. We are delighted to invite students to prepare for a bright future, where they can communicate effectively in Mandarin and develop their global connections and networks.

The premier     Mandarin language center in    Dubai, THINK FIRST CHINESE MANDARIN is continuously reinventing its teaching strategies to be able to develop unique approaches in ensuring total learning maximization for all students across different learning levels and nationalities.


AgeTimeDatesCost inc VAT
Semi Private - One on One Course6-16Jun 30thAED 1,575.00