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Space and Rocketry Summer Camp

NASA – Space – Mars!  This space and rocketry academy has it all.  Learning about living and working in space – taste real space food.  Learn all about rocketry and build a real model rocket.  Learn about missions to Mars and design your own Mars base.  This is an all new first time summer camp offering in the UAE using NASA space curriculum/activities and taught in-part by space experts from North America and Europe.

NASA – Space – Mars!  In this first of its kind program in the UAE students ages 9-14 will be challenged to learn all about space, engineering and astronaut training.  From living and working in space to tasting real space food – this camp has it all.  Students will learn all about rocketry and propulsion then they will put those skills to the test by building a real model rocket.**

Students will be placed onto teams of about 12 participants and will focus on an engineering design project for a mission to Mars.  Groups will learn all about space travel to the red planet - Mars, and what it takes for a mission to be successful.  They will understand why it takes 6 to 9 months to reach Mars, and what astronauts must do to survive in space.  Special guest presenters/instructors will come from NASA in the USA.  Interact and meet a space expert.

Compass International, who will conduct this program, is the Regional Partner for the NASA/U.S. Space & Rocket Center in the USA and this program features actual NASA space curriculum/activities.  Instructors for this program will come not only from the UAE but also internationally – North America and Europe.

Enroll in this engaging space and rocketry academy camp today!  Prepare for your astronaut training and a journey to the red planet:  Mars!

** - There will be an optional opportunity to launch the rocket several hundred meters up over the UAE desert sky that the student built in September for an additional cost to cover the cost of the rocket motors and launch permits.  Information on this will be presented during the camp.


  • Daily Sunday to Thursday
  • Program begins at 10:00am
  • Program ends at 4:00pm


  • 9-18 years old
  • Participants will be grouped into teams of about 12 according to their age; generally no more than two years in range

Sample daily schedule:

10:00 – Form teams
10:15 – Mission Patch design and presentations
11:00 – Snack break
11:15 – Living and working in Space
12:00 – Space food
12:30 – Mission to Mars – engineering design challenge
1:00 – Lunch
1:30 – NASA guest presenter – engineering and space travel
3:00 – Snack break
3:15 – Mission to Mars - team design time
3:45 – End of day review; prepare for dismissal
4:00 – Dismissal – parent pick-up at the Lapita Hotel Ballroom or depart on STS busses